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The members of the BLC had a lot of fun with Francesca already in Sardinia and therefore wanted her to do a performance for them again but this time in a white photo studio. They all were sitting comfortably in their chairs, sipping on drinks and waiting for Francesca to enter the studio. She was topless wearing red overknees boots only and started posing on a red chair. You can enjoy all of The Booty Lovers Club (6) photos here.
This adventure is based on a true story.

The overknees boots looked great on her and emphasized her booty.

“Great to have you again, Francesca. Sardinia was great but this here will be also great. Show us our delicious booty!” She did what they wanted, exposed her big round booty fully, looked back at them and saw that they were pretty excited already.

Francesca exposing her booty fully to the club members

“Do you want more booty?”

“I can see your hard ones. You know how much I like to get it from behind. Who wants to give it to me hard and long doggystyle first?” Francesca asked and stuck her tongue out.

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The Booty Lovers Club adventures

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Francesca Felucci - Booty Lovers Club

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