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Ebony women often have a really great booty. The members of the BLC therefore invited Chocolate to do a performance for them in a white photo studio. They all were sitting comfortably in their chairs, sipping on drinks and waiting for Chocolate to enter the studio. They enjoyed her younger sister already once and were therefore anxious to see how she would entertain them. She was taller, more experienced and had her breasts enhanced. You can enjoy all of The Booty Lovers Club (5) photos here.
This adventure is based on a true story.

Chocolate was checking herself in the mirror.

The overknees boots fit great but the leather body was quite tight and it was not easy to cover her big titts. She had no idea what would happen inside the studio and was nervous. The job was well paid but what would the men expect from her? All she knew was that they were totally into booty. Chocolate opened the door and went inside the studio. She saw a large group of men sitting in the back, stood sideways and looked at them.

“Nice to have you here, Chocolate. You really look delicious. Can you please go down and show us your wonderful booty?” She did what they wanted, looked over her shoulder and asked “is this how you like it?”

We want more, much more!

“Yes, this is not bad, but we would like to see more, much more.” Chocolate turned towards them a little. She did not notice how her big titts were now fully visible and asked “what exactly do you want me to do for you?”

“Wow, you have much better titts than your little sister. First, we want you to open your stringbody, look at us and masturbate till you have an orgasm.” Chocolate smiled, opened her stringbody and masturbated. She looked at them and saw that some of them opened their zippers and started stroking their cocks.

“Okay, great. Now it is time for us to really enjoy your booty. Stand up, come closer to us, turn around, stick your booty out and look at us.”

They all were now standing and wanking their cocks hard.
“We always wanted a model to do a really crazy pose. Go down with your head, look at us and hold your boots.”

“Is this what you want, guys?” Chocolate asks and smiles.

“Perfect! Which cock do you want to feel now deep inside you first?”
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