Elizabeth Carson had a few VIP members attending a shooting but nobody expected that this would end up in a wild Vodka Orgy.
For the first part of the shooting she wore a metal dress and posed on the red sofa in the studio.

Then she changed her outfit. She put on a black, very sexy deux piece and a headscarf. Her nipples were hard and visible. She could not see her guests and started talking to them. “You can see my nipples. They are hard. This means I am horny and I also want you all to get horny.”

Elizabeth continued “I will now spread my legs so you all can see my big pussy lips.”

“I feel like having an orgy with you guys. Let’s go to the living room. One of you will now get me some fat lines and another one will bring a cooled Vodka bottle for us.”

The guy with the Vodka came and filled the glasses. Elizabeth said “I don’t need a glass” and took a big sip from the bootle. Then she laid down and listened to the music.

“I want my lines, now!” Elizabeth commanded. She turned around and said “you can enjoy my booty while I take them.”

“I want a big one right now. I want it hard and long from behind!”

… and the Elizabeth Carson Vodka Orgy started.

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