Adventures Booty Lovers Club


From time to time a special and exclusive club – The Booty Lovers Club – is having meetings at various locations with various models but it is always about BOOTY. They pick usually a model known for a great booty and invite her to entertain them.

This time they picked Sheila, a young model with a nicely round shaped booty. They served Prosecco and other drinks and asked her to pose for them. She knew that she was only there because of her ass.

The Booty Lovers Club

They asked her to take the dress off and put on a fishnet body and ultra high heeled ballerina boots. She was then told to pose on the bed and show them her booty.

The Booty Lovers Club

Elizabeth Carson Hardcore

Then they wanted her to look at some hot hardcore video with Elizabeth Carson while enjoying more drinks. It was from the movie Black Monster (you can see more about it here).

The Booty Lovers Club

She was not sure what they wanted from her but she had a feeling now after they turned off the video. She had to pose now standing, shake her booty and when she looked back she could see all men staring at her.

The Booty Lovers Club

They asked her to take the fishnet body off and put on different high heels. They wanted more booty shaking. She could see very well that they all had already erections which they did not try to hide. It made her feel great and a little scared at the same time especially after she saw this intense hardcore video with Elizabeth Carson.

The Booty Lovers Club

Then they asked to move over to the bed and present them her wonderful booty. She arched her back, sticked out her booty and could see the men taking off their trousers and standing around the bed with big hard cocks.

Sheila exposed her booty to the club members – and she liked doing it.

What happened next? Well, they all wanted to enjoy intense doggystyle with her (as the black guy did with Elizabeth).

The Booty Lovers Club

At the end after Sheila left the group they had more drinks and set up the dates and picked models for the next events. They decided for two different models, first ex-pornstar Francesca Felucci and second a nubian princess. Enjoy the next Booty Lovers Club adventure below

Francesca Felucci - Booty Lovers Club

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Ex-Pornstar Francesca Felucci
The Booty Lovers Club
Nubian Princess

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Elizabeth Carson - Booty Shooting

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