Adventures Booty Lovers Club


The Booty Lovers Club is a group of men which meets from time to time and enjoys the female derrière. They invite models to perform but not just any model, no booty models.
They are sitting and sipping on their drinks while waiting for the Ebony Chocolate Beauty to start her performance. She is young, tall, has a small waist and big and round booty. Chocolate is still inexperienced and a bit shy. So they need to cheer her up and Prosecco is waiting for her. She comes to the room wearing a white wig, white fishnet top and a tiny white string. After a big sip of Prosecco she turns around and starts to move her body to the rhythm of the music.

The club member are happy and tell her to put on the next outfit. A white string bikini and she has to first watch a while a porn movie with Elizabeth Carson and Black Monster and then dance to the final doggystyle scene of the movie before they show the recording on the small monitor.

A red fishnet top, red wig and red high heels is next on the program.

She dances for a while and then they want her to take the fishnet top off.

Ebony Booty

More hourglass shape for the Booty Lovers Club

Time for the next outfit, a golden jacket and boutillons. They want her to look at them and she sees some of them wanking their cocks.

Ebony Booty

Next are first a white top only and then a metal dress and high heels.

Ebony Booty
Chocolate mostly shows her backside. She is shy and does not want to look at the men which is no problem because they want her to show her big round booty.

The men want Chocolate to cool down her hot booty and pussy!

She exposes her pussy right in front of all men. They all have now their cocks out and are wanking hard.

Now it is time for latex. They move to the other side of the room where another TV is running and showing the recording of her performance. Chocolate can see herself and she is now more relaxed (thanks to Prosecco).

She is ordered to turn around and touch the guys BIG ones, all of them and massage them with her red latex gloves and let them all cum on her big round booty.

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