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Many years ago a computer company hired housewife Marion to model for their monitors.
Housewife Model MILF is based on a true story and was photographed analog.

She had to wear a white dress and high heels and present monitors. Marion was alone with 3 guys and a photographer in the studio and she liked the model work. At the end they asked her to wear a sexy stringbody which did not hide much and she did not know what to do. She looked at the guys and then said “Ok. I will try it.”

Housewife Marion in a white dress

She had a sexy and curvy body and was proud of it despite of being already over 40. Marion stood in front of the monitor and felt good in the stringbody also when the guys wanted to see her breasts.

Marion was proud of her body

She was turned on and her nipples were big and hard already because the guys kept looking at her in a very demanding way. Houswife Marion liked that.

She knew that she looked great for her age

Model Marion had to smile when one guy said “please turn around and show us your sexy booty!”

She was proud of her booty

Marion knew that they wanted more of her and she played along looking seductively to the camera with the glasses in her mouth.

What will come next? She’s thinking.

“Can you bend over all the way?”

Marion did it and looked back at them.

What did she see? Can you imagine it?

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Elizabeth Carson - casting_model_milf
Elizabeth Carson in a model/MILF casting

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