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The members of the BLC were always interested in finding new models with a great booty. They kept asking the photographer if he found somebody new. One day he told them “I guess, it is time again for The Booty Lovers Club (7) adventure. I have a model in the studio and I’m sure you will like her a lot.” They arranged a meeting for the evening.
This adventure is based on a true story.

“May I introduce Scarlett to you guys?”
Scarlett did not expect this event to really happen. She looked at all the guys and had to laugh.

“So, turn around, Scarlett and show us your sexy booty!”

Scarlett looked back at the guys and she knew that they liked what they were seeing. She had to change the outfit and pose more. This time in black leather overknees boots and a black wig. She had to look back again because she was curious what these “Booty Lovers Club Members” actually wanted from her.

“We love your sexy big booty, Scarlett. We have a special outfit which would be perfect for you. It is a latex spank skirt. It will show your booty even bettger. Please put this on for us!”
She went to the dressing area and changed again. Yes, this outfit really showed her ass.

“We want more booty!”

“We want you to close your eyes now while you’re posing” and she did exactly what they wanted. Scarlett could hear zippers opening, cock strikinig, heavy breathing …

Scarlett liked all the attention she was getting. Well, no wonder, she has what the club members want.

Are you a model with a big sexy booty? Then apply to the photographer for a shooting. You would make the club members happy, since they want to see new models.

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