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MILF seduces Parquet Installer

Francesca has a problem with her parquet and therefore she calls an installer to fix it. She has seen him before at the gym and liked him. She opens the door dressed with a very sexy kimono and high heels. Francesca makes sure that her cleavage is just right. He looks a bit too long on her titts because he can see her hard nipples. Yes, Francesca is horny.

After a while when the guy is down on the floor working she comes very close to him and lifts one leg up a little.

The guy keeps looking at her in disbelief. Francesca walks back showing him her sexy booty.

Then she turns around and lets him enjoy her front.

She opens her kimono and shows him her big titts and also her pussy is visible.

Francesca comes even closer with her pussy to his face.

Then she’s sitting down and spreading her legs.

The guy is in his glory and has a huge erection. Francesca opens the kimono fully to show him her big boobs and she’s sticking her tongue out.

“Do you like what you’re seeing?” she asks him but does not expect an answer. She leans back and starts masturbating.

Francesca is showing him her tongue again. She leans back more and lifts her legs up. “I wanna see your big and hard cock now” she tells him.

He opens his zipper and his huge cock is fully out. He is wanking and looking at Francesca as if he’s hypnotized. She opens her mouth and shows him again her tongue.

“I wanna lick and suck your BIG one now!”

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