They are tiny, really tiny. A microsling is hardly visible and that’s maybe why we like them so much. Francesca Felucci has several of these “nothings” and she is wearing a pinkish purple one at the beach in Sardinia. She orders a “Cuba Libre” – or should we say “Sarda Libre”? – at the little beach bar and they tell her that they will bring it to her when it is ready. She is walking to the dunes and everybody is looking at her.
(This adventure is based on a true story)

Francesca puts her towel on the white sand, lays down on her stomach and is waiting for her drink.

A short while later the about 16 year old boy is bringing her the drink. He can’t get his eyes off her booty and Francesca even shakes it a little for him. She tells him how much she likes this beach.

When she looks up to him she can see that he has a huge erection and the thin bathing shorts can’t hide it. She smiles at him and thanks him for bringing the drink while she is putting tanning oil on her body.

The boy/young man can’t believe his eyes and stares in disbelieve at her. The bulge in his swim shorts is getting even bigger when she moves the two top pieces to the side to oil her breasts.

Francesca is enjoying her time at this wonderful beach. Her drink is almost finished and she’s thinking about ordering another one.

Do you wanna bring her the drink this time?

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