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Special Tongue Out Request

During her modelling years Elizabeth got many special requests but this one is probably the most special one.
Special Tongue Out Request is based on a true story

One of Elizabeth’ VIP members had a very special wish. He wanted her to wear hotpants, her crazy ripped “JA ICH WILL…” and black boots from the shooting below.

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This is nothing so special you might think. Elizabeth comes to the studio and her member is sitting in front of her.

She knows about his special “tongue out” request. She comes closer and kneels in front of him.

“You want me to pose sexy for you … no problem” she says.

“You want me to stick my tongue out for you … no problem.”

“… but you want much more, as you explained me in your shooting request” and Elizabeth points with her index finger on her tongue.

She stands up and comes even closer to the VIP member. Elizabeth sticks out her tongue again.

She is leaning down and her face is now right in front of him.

“Well, I have been thinking about your special tongue out request and I have decided to accept it. I will now kneel again in front of you. Are you ready?”

“Come closer … take your cock out and wank it hard. I show you my tongue again and I let you cum on it.

Wow – do you also have a special shooting request?

Enjoy below another hot adventure with Elizabeth in jeans hotpants!

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