During a pantyhose shooting Elizabeth talks about her first porn movie production. The beginning of Elizabeth Carson doing adult movies in My First Porn is split in 5 parts. Elizabeth was nervous to be in a porn movie herself and therefore she personally wanted to pick her outfit and even more important, the male actor. A casting or test movie should be first made with her wearing stockings outdoor.
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This adventure is based on a true story.


Elizabeth decided for black high heels, stockings, red lingerie which made her booty looking even sexier.

Outdoor she would wear additionally a black leather coat.
Let’s listen to Elizabeth.
“The photographer wants me to walk up the stairs and then seduce the guy following me by showing my legs.

The guy stands next to me and I have to open the zipper. I am happy that he is young and clean. His cock is quite big and I give him a blowjob and then let him fuck me from behind right there on the stairs.”

He is pounding me quite hard and I have to scream a little but that is actually what I am supposed to do.”

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The next scenes are indoors and Elizabeth gave the guy a quick kiss. Then he really started fucking her missionary. In the 2nd part he was told to be harder on Elizabeth. She did not know that.

Elizabeth was quite surprised when his fucking got more intense and he really fucked her deep and hard first in the kitchen and later in the living room.

“I can’t believe how intense it is getting. He is really fucking me hard, even on the floor. This is much tougher than in the first scene. I guess that’s how porn movies are supposed to be.”

He enjoyed especially holding her booty and fucking her hard and long doggystyle. Her screaming was not acting anymore but real.

“My goodness, I am glad to be fit. This is a tough job. He fucks me harder and harder and grabs my booty.”

Elizabeth could not believe how intensely he fucked her.
It was was quite rough.

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The 3rd part is filmed in the bedroom. First standing and then in all positions on the bed. The guy is totally obsessed with Elizabeth.

“My goodness, he really likes fucking me and he is stronger than I thought. He fucks me long and hard, really hard. How much longer?”

She had her eyes closed and just let it happen. She got it really hard in the bed.

Elizabeth was quite exhausted after and wanted a break also to freshen up her makeup.
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The 4th part was not planned because the assistant got turned on so much in part 3 that he wanted to be in the scene. So, they made a threesome. He fucked her first doggystyle while she was giving the other guy a blowjob.

Then they both wanted a double penetration and caught Elizabeth by surprise. She screamed like crazy when both cocks were inside her, one in her pussy and the other one in her ass. Both had quite big cocks and therefore it was very intense. Was Elizabeth ready for more anal fucking?

“Wanna fuck my ass?” – She did not think it would actually happen when she had to say it for the camera.

Yes, at the end she got it anal by the guy and he enjoyed it for sure more than her because Elizabeth’ ass was very tight.
“I can’t believe this. I got double penetrated, thank goodness not long but then fucked in my ass. Holy shit, this is crazy. What else will happen?”

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The last part was not planned either but the guy was so horny that he simply had to have more of Elizabeth. When they were in the parking garage he ripped her pantyhose.

Then he fucked her right on the car from behind and missionary. He was in his glory and had to give it to her again at the end – standing – really hard and long doggystyle.

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The photos of the pantyhose shooting during which Liz talked about her first porn.

“Now you know more about “Elizabeth Carson – My First Porn”. I know you would like to fuck me too – hard and long. Is doggystyle also your favorite position or do you prefer legs over shoulders, so you can see my face when you pound me deep?”

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