Surprise for Visitors

Elizabeth Carson likes to surprise some of her visitors. When she likes a guy she drinks Vodka with him and then tells him to sit down and wait for her. She changes her outfit and comes back like this.
Surprise for Visitors is based on true stories.

Surprise 1

You like my ass, I know but I have another surprise for you …

She shows her booty and then says “I have another surprise for you … when I turn around. Do you want to see it?”


Elizabeth looks at the guy and sees the surprise not only in his eyes. She pulls down her top and exposes her breasts fully. “You can see my hard nipples. I’m turned on and ready. Bist du geil? Willst du mich ficken?”

What do you think the guy will do?

Surprise 2

She decides to do another surprise. She’s wearing a WW bikini and takes the top off and puts on a special shirt. “We will both do some reading” she says and takes a Playboy magazine and starts to look at it in front of the guy. The shirt has openings and the guy can see her hard nipples. He tries to read the German text.

She puts the magazine away and says “I think you want to be able to read all the writing on my shirt, right?”. Elizabeth poses in front of him and closes her eyes and let’s him read. “Do you also want it?” she asks him.

What is your favorite “Stellung”?

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Elizabeth Carson Vodka Orgy

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