Dialogue with Domina

Young Elizabeth Carson works in the fashion business as a runway and showroom model. She also likes to make some extra money with posing for erotic photos and videos. What really turns her on is being a seductive domina as you can see in this adventure “Dialogue with Domina”.

The owner of a fashion company wants Elizabeth to be dominant for him. She wears black lingerie and stockings under a fake furcoat. On the wooden board are an espresso and some lines on a little mirror waiting for her.

Dialogue with Domina Elizabeth Carson

He explains her that he admires strong women and he feels like a slave when he is around her. Elizabeth takes the lines and is waiting. “Let me get you a special drink, Lady Elizabeth.” She responds “yes, that’s a good idea. That gives me time to have a cigarette and wait for the lines to take effect.”

“Thank you Lady Elizabeth for letting me see your breasts.”

On your knees, little bastard!

“I know how much you like to see my little titts. Didn’t you tell me to bring a latex domina outfit for this meeting? Go on your knees and wait. I will go to the other room and put it on.”

Dialogue with Domina Elizabeth Carson

“You look fabulous and I really would like to see more of your breasts, Lady Elizabeth.”

“Ok. I will have another cigaret and you can enjoy me more.”

“Can you see how hard my nipples are? I like it when men adore me, especially kneeling in front of me.”

“I really would like to see your pussy now, Lady Elizabeth.”
“Fine, you poor slave, but you will get punished for your dirty wish.”

“Here, you can enjoy more of my pierced pussy while I use my whip on you for being such a little bastard.”

“I want you to lick my high heels now!”

Dialogue with Domina Elizabeth Carson having her heels licked

“Now take off all your clothes and lick all my toes. I want to see your cock getting hard while you are busy with my feet.

Dialogue with Domina Elizabeth Carson having her toes sucked

The owner is in his glory because he can suck on her toes and look at her sexy body. This turns him on like crazy and his cock is getting harder.

Dialogue with Domina getting intense

The dialogue with domina contiues as he interrupts the worshipping of Elizabeth’ feet and asks “Lady Elizabeth you know how much I would like to see your naked body from the front and back. My biggest wish is to see your pussy while you spread your legs wide and then to enjoy your wonderful booty.”
“You have been a good boy, so I will fulfil your wish.” Elizabeth leans back and spreads her legs wide before she stands up and turns around to show him her sexy booty.

“Oh how much I would like to have my big cock deep in your pussy. I want to fuck your so badly from behind.” Elizabeth looks back at him and says “well, I have a surprise for you. Let me make a phone call quickly and then I put on a different outfit and a wig.”

Elizabeth changes her outfit and comes back in the room. “Now the lines are making me super horny. I have called a friend who likes to see me in latex. He will be soon here.”

Elizabeth Carson all in latex

The owner is fascinated and confused at the same time. “Why is another guy coming?” he asks.
“You know him, he works also here in the fashion business and is one of your biggest competitors. My little poor slave, you will have the privilege of seeing how he fucks me hard and long from behind. Right here in front you you. Isn’t this a wonderful surprise? I know, how badly you would like to fuck me. Now you can see how another is exactly doing what you want. And I will make sure he really fucks me hard and very long.”

The guys comes and does what Elizabeth wanted. The young domina looks back at the owner and says “enjoy and imagine it is you who is fucking me, you poor little bastard.”

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