Fitness Training

Young Elizabeth Carson worked as a fashion model and therefore had to be quite skinny. Many men kept telling her to change that and get a bigger booty and that’s why she decided to do a special fitness training.

Who did not wanna train Elizabeth Carson … ? She got a huge amount of applications and it was quite a job to pick the right trainer. One of them convinced her by saying that he knows how to train her “gluteus maximus” in the best possible way. She invited him to her private fitness room. He asked her to show him how she was training.

He wanted to see how she did her lunges.

She exchanged her outfit and continued to show her training.

The trainer took off his shirt and then told her to go down in the cat pose and held with one hand her shoulders and with the other he touched her buttock. “Elizabeth, you need to do first proper lounges with the correct weight on your shoulders. Your booty will then get bigger quite fast.” He slowly touched and felt her whole booty with his right hand.

“You have a great body. All you have to do is the correct movements. Do the lounges again but slowlier and focus on your legs and buttocks.” Elizabeth did 10 more repetitions and then put the weights back.

The hard “fitness training” begins

At the end of the 1st lesson she wanted to pay him. He smiled sitting on the slightly inclined workout bench and asked her to sit in front of him. With one hand he held her stomach and pushed her body back. Elizabeth leaned on him and held his hips. She could feel his big erection.

Then he quickly stood up next to her and said, you can pay me with what you can do the best. He took her hand and put it on his shorts and looked at her smiling. “I want your photographer to take pictures and videos for me.”

His big cock popped out and he told her to suck him. She agreed.

Then he quickly moved behind her, grabbed her by the hips, thrust his hard one deep inside her totally wet pussy and started to pound her with full power.

Elizabeth really enjoyed this payment by deep penetration. She was hot and horny like hell. She did not know how fit he was. You won’t believe it but they were busy for more than 1 hour. He penetrated her in different positions but always came back to doggystyle. “I love to fuck you from behind and I have to train your booty well, right Elizabeth?”

“This is exactly the kind of training you need, Elizabeth!”
Elizabeth was totally exhausted after her extensive “payment”.

Elizabeth got it really hard and very long – He was over 1 hour busy with her

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Elizabeth Carson - Fitness Seduction

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