SMS Bitch

A VIP member wants to have a special shooting with Emanuelle. He likes her because of her booty and her bitchy look. She agrees and is ready for the shooting. The outfit and all costs are covered by the member who wants her to be his SMS Bitch.

A webcam is broadcasting the shooting to the member’s PC. He controls her posing and actions by SMS and soon Emanuelle gets the 1st message.

She reads it out loud: “Hello Emanuelle, I want you to exactly do what I tell you. You are my dirty SMS Bitch now.” Right after comes the 2nd SMS and she has to smile while posing how he wants it.

Show me your booty, bitch!
I want to see your pussy piercing!
Stick out your tongue and imagine you lick my hard cock!

And the next message shows up on her phone and she does what he wants.

After her orgasm cums the next message.

Emanuelle is now really curious. What surprise does he have for me? She has some Prosecco and soon after someone rings the bell. The photographer leaves to open the door.

He is back and there is somebody with him standing next to the bed – a Black Stallion. Emanuellle stairs back shocked in disbelief and receives her next message.

What a BIG surprise!

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