Adventures MILF

Dollar Dance Babe

Elizabeth is wanted as a dancer, a Dollar Dance Babe, but she wants first to make everything clear. You pay me $$$ and then I give you what you want!
This adventure is based on a true story!

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So, before she starts her performance she wants to know how much she gets.

The more you pay – the more you get!

Her message is totally clear!

It is absolutely clear for everyone in the room what to do.

To enjoy her booty you will have to pay much more, because we all know how sexy Elizabeth’ booty is.

Well, she got what she wanted and even more and now she gives you what you want. She takes off all her clothes and dances for you. Do you like it?

Of course you like it and you want more, much more, right?

The $$$ are in Elizabeth’ posession and you can now enjoy her from behind. Do you want that?

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Enjoy below another hot adventure with Elizabeth!

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