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Elizabeth likes to go out at night dancing in clubs. Depending on her mood she picks out her outfit. When she wants to turn on every guy she goes to a “hetero” club. Within minutes she is surrounded by her victims. When she wants to simply dance she goes to a “gay” club because the males are more interested in each other than her and she can really dance and enjoy the music.
This adventure Club Chick is based on real stories.
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What often is the big question? Exactly, what should I wear? Let’s look at some examples. Her most important event was the MTV party and she chose black stockings, a very special black panty, black high heels and a black men’s jacket. Read more about it below.

Elizabeth Carson - MTV Interview Party
Elizabeth Carson – MTV Interview Party

She made of course sure that her nipples were visible to the whole world.

This outfit she sometimes wears also with a white men’s shirt instead of a jacket while dancing and posing.

Probably her favorite outfit is the jeans hotpants with black leather jacket (nothing under) and jeans overknees.

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Club Chick Dresses

She also likes very much her light blue Versace dress. While dancing she can show her booty easily (by accident of course ;-).

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She stands and dances in front of a mirror to test the outfit. Does it show enough or too much?

Another one of Elizabeth’ favorite club outfits is this black see through dress. It is elegant but super sexy.

When she’s moving or bending over her booty and pussy are sometimes at least partly visible. She does not wear a string because she likes sometimes to show her big pussy lips and her pussy piercing.

She was with friends in a club when one guy offered a huge bottle of Champagne, a Methuselah, which equals 8 normal bottles. When this happens usually other party stuff is offered additionally and Elizabeth had to bend down and forward to get some lines. One guy stood right behind her and she could feel his erection on her booty. The crowd was fast in an almost exstatic mood and this night at the club she will never forget. She was constantly surrounded by guys touching her booty and rubbing their cocks on her while dancing. No wonder that she ended up getting fucked like crazy by two guys in the toilet of the club.

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Club Chick Elizabeth Carson

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