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ELIZABETH CARSON – Casting Interracial Yellow

Fashion model Elizabeth went to a casting. Attractive older women were wanted to work with a black male model. Elizabeth  was curious and since she felt good and was nicely tanned she decided to try it.

She was given a yellow dress and high heels and told to sit at the bar and have a drink with the black guy.

She liked his looks. He had a great body. She was just a bit irritated that he had no clothes and only a towel around his slim waist. They told her to touch his body and then take him by his necklace.

When they asked her to bend down and remove his towel she got insecure and this even more when she had to touch his cock. She did it anyways because she heard that black guys have really big cocks and was curious to find out herself.

When he pulled her dress up and she was told to hold his balls and massage him she was excited but also shocked. She liked his hand on her booty and continued to rub his big one.

She got very nervous when she was told to go down.

She had never seen such a big black cock and she said: “Oh my god, he is soo BIG, I can’t believe it.”

First she had to lick his balls and then the top of his cock.

She felt his long and hard cock in her hands and hesitated first when they told her to take him in her mouth.
When he grabbed her head and started to fuck her mouth hard and deep she was helpless …

… but she was also totally turned on.

The black guy was now also really horny and he could not wait any longer and started fuck Elizabeth hard from behind.


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Elizabeth Carson - Casting Interracial Yellow Overview
Elizabeth Carson – Casting Interracial Yellow Overview

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Elizabeth Carson Blowjob Black Stallion

Elizabeth likes black guys. Do you want to see more of her interracial adventures? Check back later.

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