Elizabeth is a very attractive model. She gets many bookings and additional opportunities. She is sitting on a chair wearing a body and leather boots. The shooting is finished and one of the crew guys asks her if she thinks that “Size Matters”? Elizabeth did not expect such a question and she puts her hands up to her head.
Elizabeth Carson – Size Matters
is based on a true story with added details from another adventure.

Everybody can see that she just got caught off-guard. She does not know what to say. The guy asks again “do you think that size matters?” and she keeps looking at the guy without saying anything.

There is a special atmosphere in the room now. Everybody is waiting for her answer but she still does not say a word.

“Well, Elizabeth, how about if we simply make a real life test now, what do you think?”
“Okay, that sounds good to me. What do I have to do?” she answers standing up.

“Well, just sit down with us and lets look at some pictures you did when you were younger. You were wearing a pair of white gloves, white high heels, white schoolgirl socks and a white mask, remember?”
Elizabeth is now very curious and is looking at all the guys. They look at the photo of her sitting wearing the white mask with a guy.

SIZE matters

“You could see his erection already, Elizabeth, but you had no idea how big he really was. On the next picture you show your sexy booty and the guy with the mask is also standing and everybody can see his incredible huge erection, except you, Elizabeth.”

“You had no idea how big he was. On the next photo here, you get it doggystyle. How was that?”
“I remember that I had to hold myself. He was big and it felt good.”

“Let’s look at the video. The guy grabs you by the hips and his huge cock is now deep inside her. You scream and and hold yourself on the bed while his BIG one is deep inside you. He fucks you hard doggystyle.”

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“Do you think size matters, Elizabeth?” the crew boss asks her. “We have an even better example. How was it with the two BBC? Just look at these photos.”

“Did you have any problem to suck these BIG ones?” “Yes, it was really difficult. Both their cocks were huge. Never had any bigger ones” Elizabeth says.

“Do you think SIZE matters, Elizabeth? When we look at your face here you seem to enjoy the intense doggystyle, right?”

“How was it to feel them inside you, Elizabeth? Both black stallions gave it to you, one after another.” “As you probably can imagine it was a mix of lust and pain” she explains.

“Yes, SIZE matters!” that’s all Elizabeth says, but she actually knew it right from the beginning. “This was one of the most intense sessions I ever had.”

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