The Other Photographer

The adventure “The Other Photographer” is based on a true story from the beginning of Elizabeth Carson’s modelling career.

Elizabeth has received several phone calls from a photographer who wants to shoot with her. She does not need another photographer but he is very persistent and therefore she agrees to come by with her photographer as a backup. He offers her good money and all outfits are ready for her. For the first photos she’s wearing a short black PVC dress, black stockings and sunglasses.

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Elizabeth looks back at him and notices that he is very nervous. Next he wants her to just wear black gloves.

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She can hear him breathe heavily while taking the pictures. He wants her to go in the cat pose. Elizabeth looks again back at him and she can see a huge erection in his trousers.

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He wants her to put on a white bride style outfit but without a string. Elizabeth makes sure with her posing that he can see her pussy.

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The Other Photographer in Ectasy

When she turns around again she can see him taking his clothes off. He is in ectasy and begs her to suck his hard cock. He sits down and Elizabeth starts licking and sucking his big one. She has never seen a guy being so lost. He does not even notice Elizabeth’ photographer taking pictures.

He wants so badly her high heeled legs over his shoulders and she agrees.

The other photographer is now totally in his glory and fucks her like crazy. She can hardly breathe because of his intense thrusting. This goes on for about 10 minutes and then he explodes in a massive orgasm. Elizabeth screams and feels as if she gets completely squeezed by him.

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