Difficulties being a Lingerie Model

Working as a model can sometimes be quite difficult. Not so much because of having no work but because of the kind of work. In this adventure Elizabeth Carson will tell you of some difficulties being a lingerie model.

When you are a fashion model you have it sometimes difficult but when you have work as a lingerie model it is very often the case. We are in the photo studio with the manager and his assistant and the photographer and his assistant. I have to pose in black lingerie, stockings and high heels. The shooting is almost finished and I have just one more picture to do. They want me to pose sideways.

The manager would like to have me with closed eyes, as if I’m dreaming, kind of romantic.

Then he wants me to move a little further and look back to them.

When I pose like this you can be sure the men get certain ideas like, to turn around completely and show them my booty.

This is the moment when you can see the bulges in their trousers getting bigger and bigger. When they then tell me to bend all the way down I know that it will get difficult.

I look back at them and ask “do you mean like this?” but I get no answer the men just keep staring.

Quite often the guys have this strange look in their eyes when they ask me to close my eyes and do the cat pose (they actually mean the doggystyle pose).

When we are at this point usually two things can happen. They offer me a lot more money to do more “hot” pictures or they offer me first Prosecco and then a lot of money just to fuck me right there and then hard and long from behind.

This can be difficult. It does not have to be. What would you do if you were the manager?

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