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Sexy 40plus

Older models have it difficult. The competition is tough and age is becoming an enemy for many. How is this with Elizabeth Carson? Is she an exception? Let’s look at an adventure which is based on a true story – Sexy 40plus.

There are only a few models invited for this special casting/contest with a male audience watching in the back. When it is Elizabeth’ turn all of the spectators start to get really interested and you can see lust in their eyes. She sits down on a bar char wearing the same outfit like the other models before.

“Are you really over 40, Elizabeth?”
“Yes, the photographer has the proof with my passport copy”.
“Wow, we are impressed. Can you do some seductive poses, please?

She knows how much men like her nipple rings and therefore she lifts her top to show her hard nipple with the metal nipple ring.

Elizabeth shows her nipple ring

When she starts playing with herself it is noticeable in the men’s trousers how much they like that.

Elizabeth is playing with her pussy under the string

She knows what happens when she sticks her tongue out. The cocks are getting hard – really hard.

Elizabeth is sticking her tongue out while showing her titts and spreading her legs

To get the guys really horny she turns around and shows them her booty.

Elizabeth Carson is proud of her body and especially her sexy booty

Looking at the guys while masturbating is too much for them. Some have their cocks out und are wanking like crazy.

Elizabeth looks at the male audience while masturbating

What else is happening? Does she massage the cocks or even lick and suck?

Does she let the guys fuck her long and hard?
What do you think?

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