Francesca wants to see Castelsardo. She ignores the warning we give her not to dress too sexy. White hotpants, a white top and white high heels is her outfit for the sightseeing.
This adventure is based on a real story.

She is leaning on a wall and enjoying the view. Two guys working on a house also enjoy the almost same view, although they focus on something else..

The guys call her over and Francesca looks back at them.

She agrees to take a group photo.

The guys invite her to their house for a drink. They just need to take a shower and change clothes. She lets the photographer take some more pics around the house.

Francesca is in a good mood and she knows what is about to happen.

Francesca gets it hard and long

Prosecco and some Sardinian snacks are served inside and not much longer Francesca is already on her knees busy with two hard cocks.

She has to suck both cocks deep, intense and very long and always massage the cock which is not in her mouth.

Francesca gets it long and hard in all positions.

They guys can’t get enough of her. Francesca is surprised how much energy the two guys have.

The intense fucking is going on and all of them like it, especially the two guys. They enjoy holding her booty, looking at her bouncing boobs and mouthfucking her deep.

They fuck her hard and change positions. Both give it her really hard doggystyle at the end before they cum.

The 1st guy cums all over her face.

The 2nd guy is cuming on her tongue and face and he has a lot of cum for her.

Her whole face is now full of cum.

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