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Ex-model Elizabeth went to a bikini casting. Attractive older women were wanted and they had to pose in high heels and bikini. Elizabeth decided to wear a see-through top with her yellow string and black high heels.

She was proud of her body and especially her tits and her booty. She knew she still looked sexy and turned men on. She was therefore not surprised that she got compliments on her looks from the casting crew. 

They asked her to turn around. Elizabeth was sure they’d like her booty.

She got asked to put on a bikini top, lay down and enjoy a glass of white wine.

Then they wanted her to stand up and take her bikini top off.

They wanted to see more of her sexy booty and she had to pose for them. Elizabeth liked that and she also had no problem to take off her string.

They wanted something more from her. She had to change in white lingerie and they asked if she would be willing to work with two male models. She agreed and got turned on when she had to touch their cocks.

They told her that she has to find out who is better, A or B. She was not sure what they meant. They explained her that she will get fucked in all positions from both guys to find out who’s better. She was shocked and excited at the same time. She enjoyed legs-over-shoulders, missionary and especially doggystyle. They both really gave it to her.


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Would you like to know who fucked Elizabeth better?

Elizabeth Carson Casting MILF A or B HD
Elizabeth Carson Casting MILF A or B HD

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Elizabeth Carson - Casting MILF A or B Overview
Elizabeth Carson – Casting MILF A or B Overview

Elizabeth is a hot MILF. Do you want to see more of her?  Check back later.

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