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Casting – Who is better

MILF Elizabeth is having a special casting. Two young guys want to find out who is better and applied for a casting with her. They want her to tell them at the end who is the better male performer.
This adventure “Casting – Who is better” is based on a true story.

Elizabeth is very proud of her body, especially boobs and booty. She knows that she looks sexy and turns men on. She is therefore not surprised getting compliments on her looks from the guys. 

Elizabeth Testing Male Models

Elizabeth first has to test their looks and asks the guys to take off their shirts. Then she tells them to take their trousers off. Elizabeth wants to see them in underwear only and touch their cocks to find out the sizes.

Elizabeth will test the two guys in different positions like them holding her, legs-over-shoulders, missionary and most important doggystyle.

She is ready for them both really giving it to her in all positions.     

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Elizabeth Carson Casting MILF A or B HD
Elizabeth Carson Casting MILF A or B HD

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Elizabeth Carson - Casting MILF Two Guys

At the end they both take their condoms off. She has to suck one guy’s cock – and he wants to cum in her mouth – while the other one is pounding her hard doggystyle and they both cum on her titts finally.

Elizabeth Carson - Casting MILF Two Guys

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