Elizabeth is booked for a private latex session and the guy wants photos and video to be taken. She’s wearing a latex top, latex gloves, latex stockings and high heels. First she poses in front of him, showing her oiled booty mostly.
Elizabeth Carson Latex Domination is based on a real story.
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The guy opens his laptop and they watch a latex porn movie of Elizabeth.

He picks “Latex Corset Threesome” and says to her “I wanna fuck you hard from behind like this guy here”.

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Elizabeth Carson Latex 3some

He is really horny because the video turned him on and then Elizabeth showing her oiled body. He has some lines and wants her to take also two fat ones and then they both have more drinks.

Lines make her always incredibly horny and she wants then to get fucked hard. He took too many and can’t get hard enough for her. So she lays back on the bed, lifts and spreads her legs wide and orders him to lick her pussy long. She wants intense orgasms and she gets them.

Elizabeth is facesitting on him, using her whip and having more orgasms.

This turns him on and he wants to fuck her. His cock is getting harder but not hard enough yet for her. She sucks his cock and orders him to get hard. Finally, he is hard and ready for Elizabeth.

She rides him and has another orgasm before she lets him cum on her booty.

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