This adventure “Elizabeth Carson – Leo Gloves” is mostly about a young assistant, whose job was to help the model, Elizabeth Carson, with the many different outfits and accessories for the shootings. He probably had the adventure of his life.

For the first shooting she wore a leo bikini and high heels. The assistant had to bring her a sword.

After the pictures were taken she had to change and put on hotpants and a jacket. The assistant had to bring her different high heels and a knife.

Elizabeth did not wear a bra and her titts were quite visible. The young assistant kept staring at her boobs and really liked her hard nipples obviously. This did not get unnoticed by Elizabeth.

Elizabeth’ nipples always get hard quite fast when she’s turned on

The Assistant gets turned on

When the photographer was finished with this set she had to put on another outfit. She kept the high heels but exchanged the hotpants for a tight skirt. The assistant helped her to put on the hat with attachment and wrap it around her upper body. He again could see her titts and could not hide his excitement.

Elizabeth liked turning on the young assistant and her nipples got really hard

During the shooting the assistant was near by and liked how she posed. Once in a while he was able to see some of her boobs and even her pussy depending on her posing.

For the last part of the shooting he had to bring her gloves. Elizabeth was topless posing and the assistant was standing next to her on the side and was really enjoying it.

Then Elizabeth turned sideways and looked at the assistant. She noticed that he had already quite an erection. She touched her titts with her gloved hands slowly and provocatively and kept looking at him.

Elizabeth slowly turned sideways and lifted her skirt up a little. The assistant kept staring at her.

The Extra Shooting

The official shooting was finished and when the photographer wanted to take some full front topless pictures Elizabeth agreed and made sure that her skirt was just high enough for her pussy piercing to be visible for everyone.

What followed was really crazy and a big surprise for everyone. Elizabeth turned around and bent down. She started to masturbate slowly in front of everybody and told the young assistant that she wanted to see his BIG one.

He was a bit shy but finally took HIM out and when she ordered him to stroke his cock hard he obeyed. It did not take long for him to cum and Elizabeth liked that a lot. She was now pleasing herself more intensively with the gloves and enjoying it.

The photographer had a great view of her backside, booty and pussy and took pictures how she masturbated till she had an intense orgasm.

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