Wrap Or Unwrap

Elizabeth Carson got booked by the marketing manager of a packing company. Wrap or unwrap was the big question for him but Elizabeth knew exactly what he wanted. This shooting was just an alibi because they wanted her to wear high heels only. Also the high payment proved it and therefore she decided to play along and maybe even surprise them.

The Shooting Begins

Elizabeth first had to pose with the foil in front of her.

Elizabeth knew her body was mostly visible and this turned her on

The foil was clear and only some reflections prevented her naked body being totally visible. The manager told Elizabeth to use just a little foil and wanted her to turn around and show her backside.

Elizabeth did what they wanted and could see that the guys had already a lot of fun

She felt like suprising them and turning them on completely. She put the foil between her legs and rubbed it against her pussy and booty. The guys could not believe their eyes. As a result, their erections were already very well visible.

Elizabeth used the foil to masturbate in front of the guys

She moved the foil down, bent down and looked back at them and said “You can’t get enough of me and I know what you both want.”

How simple it is to get the guys going, she thought.

Then she turned around, stuck her tongue out and looked at them for long time. She simply waited because she was in control. They were now her victims and she enjoyed this situation a lot. She masturbated again by using her hand under the foil and she made sure the guys could see how much she liked it.

Elizabeth enjoyed the tension and excitement building up.

The Action Begins

“I can see your hard ones and can imagine what you want me to do now. I will have to use my tongue and mouth. Who wants to be first?”

The marketing manager and his assistant both got intense blow jobs which they would never forget.

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Elizabeth Carson Strip Stockings

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