ELIZABETH CARSON – Strip Stockings

Elizabeth organized from time to time special events where she did sexy performances in front of a small selected audience, usually a group of men who had to be very generous to attend. One of her specialities were photoshootings of her doing a hot striptease.
Come and attend the Strip Stockings!

This adventure is based on a true story.
All pictures were taken with an analogue camera

The men are all ready for her sitting with drinks. They can’t wait to see what she’s wearing. Then Elizabeth arrives in a long black coat. She’s waiting for the music to start.

She takes off her coat and the guys can enjoy her sexy long and stockinged legs on this sunny sunday afternoon.

Elizabeth takes off her top showing a black corset underneath.

Then she turns around and moves the mini skirt slowly down and the men start to cheer as they now can see her booty and big pussy lips.

After some sexy posings she sits on a chair, crosses her legs and asks “you want more? then I’m sure you know what you have to do.”

And the men all open their wallets and take out money. Elizabeth smiles, turns around, shows them her booty, looks backs at them and says “show me your big ones.”

Can you imagine what followed?

She says “I want one of you to fuck me hard and long from behind now and the others wank their cocks and then all cum on my booty.”

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Elizabeth Carson - MTV Interview Party
Elizabeth Carson – MTV Interview Party

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