Late Night Surprise

Late Night Surprise – is an adventure which happened late at night after Francesca met a guy in a pub. They were talking about dominant women and what men think about them.
(This adventure is based on a true story)

Francesca invited the guy for a drink at her apartment to continue their discussion. She put on a latex uniform and they were drinking red wine in her kitchen.

He liked her outfit and the way she posed for him. He took his smartphone out and started to take pictures. She turned around and showed him her booty (and pussy).

The guy looked at her and she knew that he wanted something else. He wanted her naked and submissive. He wanted to tie and blindfold her. Would Francesca agree to that? Well, yes she did. She took off her clothes and let him blindfold and tie her.

The guy got turned on so much that he got hard as a rock. He wanted Francesca to masturbate and because she could not see him he would then masturbate as well. Believe it or not, but Francesca agreed and started to masturbate.

Francesca was so turned on that she had an orgasm quite fast. She continued to play with herself and the guy was still wanking. Then he came closer and he told her to open her mouth and she licked his hard cock before he stuck it deep in her mouth.

What a Late Night Surprise !!

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Francesca Felucci - Dangerous Games 9
Francesca Felucci – Dangerous Games 9

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