“Elizabeth Carson Restaurant” is an adventure based on a true story.
She got invited for a 10-course-dinner at a great restaurant at the lake of Zurich by one of her VIP members.
Elizabeth put on stockings and high heels and chose a very tight black dress. It was quite see-thru and the guests of the restaurants noticed that when she entered.

The dinner was excellent and cognac was served when she asked for a Cuban cigar. She said “I need now something big between my lips.”

Elizabeth Carson - Restaurant

Elizabeth enjoyed the cigar and quite some men turned their head too often to watch her smoking.

Elizabeth Carson - Restaurant

Elizabeth was quite turned on by all the men’s eyes on her. She sat next to the piano and made sure her dress would go up and expose her booty. She pretended not to know and it made her feel great to seduce the men.

Elizabeth Carson - Restaurant

It was no surprise that it did not take long till her VIP member asked if she would come with him up to his room. She noticed the huge bulge in his black trousers and smiled. “Don’t you wanna have your friends also cum to the room?” Elizabeth suggested.

When they all arrived in the room she took off her tight dress and posed in the middle of the bed. “Show me your BIG ones!” she said. “I don’t want another cigar now but some hard cocks in my mouth …”

Elizabeth Carson - Restaurant

One after another good a nice and intense blow job.

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Elizabeth Carson - Restaurant

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Elizabeth had more restaurant adventures, e.g. with a gentleman

Elizabeth Carson - Gentleman

and another one in Amalfi in a garden restaurant. You will like the video!

Elizabeth Carson - Limoncello

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