Elizabeth Carson and Gentleman – Elizabeth has a shooting for a restaurant. She plays a lady who got invited for dinner by a real gentleman. The shooting goes well. It is easy to do. She wears an elegant costume, stockings and high heels. She worked with the male model before in a fashion shooting.
(This adventure is based on a true story and all pictures were taken with an analog camera)
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Gentleman Trick 1 – Prosecco

What she does not know is that the Gentleman is a good friend of the owner of the restaurant and he made sure that Elizabeth is the female model for the shooting and that there is more than enough Prosecco for her. He remembers that she liked it. When their first shooting was over they all had some and she drank the most and it made her feel good.

She’s thinking that he seems to have something in his mind but she does not know what exactly. Well, it is quite easy. He wanted her so badly after their first fashion shooting some time ago when he got obsessed with her especially her long legs and booty that he simply has to try everything to enjoy her from behind. The gentleman is prepared and everything is ready for his plan. He has even told the photographer about it.

Elizabeth likes him because he has good manners and behaves like a real gentleman. She will have later more shootings with him. She accepts therefore his suggestion to continue the shooting and have more Prosecco in the apartment above the restaurant. This was all prepared before since it is part of his plan.

Gentleman Trick 2 – More Prosecco

They chat, laugh, have a lot more more Prosecco. He wants to test her reaction and brings a magazine. Elizabeth sees a sexy model getting fucked doggystyle and is in disbelieve. She raises her eyebrows and looks at him. “You gotta be kidding … Elizabeth says. Now she is sure to know what he really has in his mind.

He just says “let’s have another glass” and pours more Prosecco. “You are such an attractive lady, Elizabeth” he tells her.

Elizabeth did not know anymore what she should think about him.

“I have another surprise for you, Elizabeth. Let’s take some lines and then have more Prosecco” he sas and she agrees.

After some time he suggests to look again at the magazine. She smiles because she starts to be in a really good mood not only because of his compliments. He says “You look fabulous and you feel good, right Elizabeth?”

She turns the page and sees a blonde sucking a big cock.

He answeres “turn the page and you’ll see what I want.” They look at the next pictures where the blonde gets fucked from behind.

Elizabeth takes off her costume top and starts to undress him.

Everything works exactly like the gentleman hoped for. Elizabeth ss now really hot and sucks his cock intensively.

He wants to see her face while he fucks her hard so he has her lay on her back with legs over his shoulders. He pounds her long, hard and deep and enjoys very much looking at her face.

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Then he finally can make his dream come true and fuck her long and hard doggystsyle. Both enjoy every minute of it.

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