What may sound like an exaggeration is not what you might think. Yes, Elizabeth is smart and sexy but here is a SMART involved and she plays the sexy part of an advertising campaign.

A Smart car dealer in Switzerland wanted to push his business with an unusual campaign. He booked Elizabeth Carson for a shooting. She had black liquid latex on her body and wore high heels and they started the shooting in a car wash.

Elizabeth Carson - Smart and Sexy
Elizabeth Carson - Smart and Sexy

When Elizabeth turned around and showed her backside to them her pierced pussy was fully visible because there was no liquid latex on her pussy. Elizabeth knew that and she saw the reaction.

Of course, they asked her if they could do more photos like that and she smiled and agreed when she saw their generous offer.

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The SMART dealer became later a VIP member of Elizabeth. He simply could not get enough of her and that’s quite understandable.

Enjoy another latex adventure with Elizabeth and a foot fetishist going crazy about her …

Elizabeth Carson Latex and Feet

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