Second Skin – Elizabeth likes to wear tight outfits like catsuits, bodysuits. Even better when they’re transparent and she can wear them in public. She likes to feel the eyes of the men on her body.

She is posing in a catsuit outdoors and there are two guys watching the shooting.

Elizabeth Carson - Second Skin

Elizabeth offers the two spectators to a special shooting afterwards. All she wants was some generosity and they agree. She serves first some white wine for everybody and then she goes upstairs and changes her outfit. When she comes down the stairs the guys can’t believe their eyes.

Elizabeth Carson - Second Skin

She turns around and shows her sexy booty and asks “should I take my second skin off?” She notices that both already have huge erections and smiles when they said “yes, please”.

Elizabeth Carson - Second Skin

She goes upstairs again, takes off her bodysuit and puts on gloves. She covers her pussy when she comes down again.

Elizabeth Carson - Nude

Then she sits down, looks at them and asks “should I spread my legs wide for you? I want to see you both wanking your cocks for me.”

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Elizabeth also likes stockings a lot like in this adventure below

Elizabeth Carson in white stockings

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