ELIZABETH CARSON – Casting Fashion

Young fashion model Elizabeth Carson had to do what all young models need to do: go to castings. What happens during these castings is always a bit different and depends on the model and the casting crew.
Elizabeth was just finished with portraits showing her fresh cut colored hair when the tall crew manager asked her to do some more photos for them. Elizabeth looked a bit skeptical. She was thinking “aha, casting fashion, that’s how it works.” She asked “can you tell me what you would like, please?”

“We want to see more of you, especially your great legs. Can you pose for us, Elizabeth? We will show our appreciation of course.” She was proud of her legs and showed them looking at the guys. She was wearing a nice black pantyhose and noticed how all 4 guys of the casting crew looked at her long legs.

“Let’s take a picture of all of us before we go up to the apartment and continue our shooting, okay Elizabeth?”

They went up to the apartment and asked Elizabeth to take off her pantyhose and put on a different outfit and pose for them right at the entrance. “Show us your legs again, Elizabeth!”

Casting Intense

Elizabeth saw how the guy undressed while looking at her. What followed right at the entrance and later in the bed cannot be shown here. You can probably imagine what happened … right there at the entrance she has the hottest action with the tall guy.

Elizabeth takes off all her clothes and they continue on the bed. He wants her to rub his cock on her hard nipples. Then he fucks her again hard from behind and all the other guys were watching.

Sorry – censored.

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Elizabeth Carson - Casting Latex Fashion

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