Do you work out? How do you keep your body in shape? Are you into Body Cult?
Francesca and Paul are at a very special location in Sardinia’s Costa Verde. There is not much tourism and the beaches are wonderful. An ideal place to shoot this type of pictures.

Francesca Felucci - Body Cult

It is all about the looks. You can see this especially in social media, like e.g. Instagram. It is all about body, looks, beauty, etc. Women look at men but more men look at women.

Francesca Felucci - Body Cult

What is nicer than a woman’s sexy booty? Does it also turn you looking at a big nice and round booty? Well, then you will like these photos. The models are in special poses and show their bodies well.

Francesca Felucci - Body Cult

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Enjoy another special body adventure with Francesca here! She shows her body and then gets forced to satisfy.

Francesca Felucci Forced to Satisfy

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