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Francesca Felucci Forced to Satisfy

FRANCESCA FELUCCI – Forced to Satisfy

Francesca is open minded and likes roleplays and therefore she accepted a booking by three men who wanted a special shooting in a hotel suite. 


They wanted her come with a fully shaved pussy and wear high heels and a corset only and show her body from front and of course more from behind so they could enjoy her sexy booty

Getting Forced

The men were all happy and excited and ready for the next part. One guy brought in a steel construction and placed it in front of Francesca. She got a special feeling that this could become quite intense.

The told her to lay on her stomach on the floor and lift her legs. She got totally fixed in this special steel construction and even a metal dildo was fully in her pussy. They stood around her, took their cocks out and started wanking.

After some time the told her to look up and pick out one of the cocks to satisfy first.

Then they uncuffed her and she had to give them all an intense blowjob and let them cum on her tits and face.


How about you?

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