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Francesca Felucci - Strip Poker


Francesca got a special invitation from a group of older men. She should be the only female in an all male poker game, actually strip poker. They also invited a photographer, karllouis.com and his assistant, vvview.com to document the game.

Francesca was dressed in a black costume, black lingerie, stockings and high heels and got first a glass of champagne.

Oh, the assistant takes this photo.
I am ready.

It did not take long and Francesca had to start stripping.

The skirt was anyways much too tight …

Francesca was not unhappy about it. She knew what her best cards are.

Never thought that poker could be so much fun.

As the game continued she had to take off more …

It is getting hot, I need another champagne.

They served her more champagne and she got comfortable on the leather couch.

How can I lose the game with these cards?

She “lost” also the next game and had to take her sexy string off.

Do you want me to move my cards?

She was now only in stockings and high heels. They told her to lay on the couch. The cards will tell you what we want to enjoy now.

So, you want to enjoy my ACE ASS, right?

They wanted her to continue the game on the floor. They all stood around her and decided that it was time to send the photographer and assistant home. Their job was done. They wanted to spend the rest of the evening alone with Francesca.

What happened after we don’t know for sure but we were told it was an intense adventure and had a happy ending for the two guys.

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