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Casting ASSistant – Ex-Fashion model Elizabeth iss waiting for the businessman who needs a temporary ASSistant for some days. She just finished a casting for lingerie where she was offered this job possibility.
She’s sitting in the same outfit on the bed waiting.
This adventure is based on a true story
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Elizabeth Carson - Casting ASSistant

After some minutes the man arrives, greets Elizabeth and he emphasizes that he needs an ASSistant and not just assistant. He even writes it for her on a piece of paper: ASSistant and smiles. Then he asks her to do a few poses. She knows now for sure what he wants and shows especially her boobs and booty.

Elizabeth Carson - Casting ASSistant
Elizabeth Carson - Casting ASSistant

“Excellent. Your booty is just great! You look even more fabulous than I imagined. My friend, the casting manager called me and I have to say he was totally right about you. I think you would be the perfect ASSistant. I have invited some of my best customers and I want you to be the sexy surprise for them.

Casting ASSistant videos

I will show you now some short video scenes so you know what I would like you to do for us. Sit down, lets first have some white wine and then we look at the first scene.”
Elizabeth is quite curious what type of scenes she would see.

Elizabeth Carson - Casting ASSistant

She can’t believe it, a blonde girl sucking a huge cock.

Elizabeth Carson - Casting ASSistant

She’s very surprised because that was not what she expected. Elizabeth closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.
Please, Elizabeth, I am willing to be very generous to you” the owner says and puts a lot of money on the table in front of her. She closes her eyes again because she does not know what to say.

Elizabeth Carson - Casting ASSistant

“This is the second scene.” A guy iss fucking a model with a great booty hard from behind on the floor.

Elizabeth Carson - Casting ASSistant

“You would be perfect for this with your sexy booty, Elizabeth. Let’s have a look at the next scenes.” Elizabeth just keeps staring at the TV in disbelief and sees first a threesome and then an interracial scene with a blonde sucking a huge black cock.

Elizabeth Carson - Casting ASSistant

“One of my guests is a black guy and he’s also a fan of you and he will be very surprised and glad to see you here tonight. He is not the only who loves to cum this way.”

Elizabeth Carson - Casting ASSistant
Elizabeth Carson - Casting ASSistant

Casting ASSistant action

“So, what do you think, Elizabeth?”
Whe she sees him putting even more money on the table she says: “Okay, I will do it!” This is definitely one of her best paid jobs ever.
“Great, Elizabeth. We will have a lot of fun with you. Let’s go to the other room where all my guests are waiting to see you.”

The continuation you can see in this adventure.

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