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Some years ago a beautiful woman visited me. Her name was Stella van Gent. She came with lots of different outfits, high heels and boots. She was tall and I noticed her incredible long legs. To relax the models I usually offered them some Prosecco. I suggested that we would do the first shooting right as she enjoyed her Prosecco and Stella agreed. She put on an elegant costume, hat, high heels and some jewelry. I set up the light and we started the shooting.

Stella van Gent legdiva_553-5315_r
Stella van Gent Legdiva

She was not only elegant but also quite kinky. She did not wear a string and when she sat on the bar chair she spread her legs and made her pussy piercing visible. What a turn on!
Stella van Gent legdiva_552-5278_r

We continued the shooting with her sitting on the parquet floor showing her long and sexy legs and again, she opened her legs and showed her piercing again.
Stella van Gent Legdiva  Stella van Gent Legdiva

When I asked her to take her skirt off and pose just in stockings she smiled and agreed. She posed standing front and back and we all enjoyed her wonderful long legs and what’s above  😉


The first shooting with Stella was a success. We produced many photos and even a video which you can enjoy in one of the STOCKINGS Videos on Demand.  

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What adventures will Stella share with you next?  Check back later.

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