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Elizabeth Carson - casting_model_milf


Fashion model Elizabeth goot booked for a leather jacket shooting. At the end when she started taking off her jeans the manager asked her if she would do more photos for them. Elizabeth agreed since they offered her additional money. “You look more like a MILF than model. Please pose for us, Elizabeth!” the manager said and she started posing for them.

“Please take the jacket off and show us your nice titts!“.
Elizabeth saw how much they were turned on already and she even showed them her pierced pussy.

Do you wanna see my ass? she asked laughing. What a question indeed … 

Elizabeth was enjoying this situation and was asked to change her outfit. They gave her a short white dress and made it totally wet. She knew that they would pay her even more money once she started to dance and then masturbate naked for them. 


It got all heated up and they all wanted her to suck their big cocks.



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Elizabeth had a lot more hot adventures …  Check back later.

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