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ELIZABETH CARSON – Shooting after Shooting

Fashion model Elizabeth was booked for an underwear shooting. At the end of the shooting the photographer asked her if she would do another shooting for them private. The whole crew was male and they obviously liked the way she worked with them. Elizabeth was still in the last pose in pink underwear and pink high heels and was sort of surprised. She was quite used to this but she asked provocatively  what kind of shooting they wanted. The guys wanted to see more of her. Since the official shooting was finished they offered her additional money and she said “yes”. “Please show us your booty” and she turned around and posed for them sticking her sexy ass out.

When she turned around she saw that the guys were getting horny …  and she aked it they wanted to see her titts. What a question, of course they wanted to see them and she took the bra off.

They guys were happy and 2 of them left. The remaining 3 wanted more and were in a good mood. They wanted to see her pussy now.
Elizabeth was used to this. It happened quite often after shootings and she knew how to deal with the situation.
“Well, I will show you more if you decorate my next outfit with your dollars …” and she posed very sexy and the guys did exactly what she wanted. Elizabeth made them really horny, got a lot of money but she did NOT show them her pussy (yet).

They brought Prosecco and offered her some. They asked her if she was willing to do a video in the photographer’s apartment upstairs. She could see that they were totally horny. She was enjoying this situation and changed her outfit again. She was topless and the mini skirt was too short not to let them see her pussy. She had power over men. She knew how to treat them and was also not surprised when one guy came with a black mirror and 10 lines. They wanted her to take some. She said that for each line they wanted her to take she wanted first some big $$$ in her stockings. They guys started to put the $ bills in her stockings. She wanted more … much more! She knew that they would pay her any money and she started counting… 

They were totally excited to see her going down towards the lines.

Her ass was up in the air and she counted the lines … 10 all together. She said that the money was enough for 4 lines and the rest was for them, 2 lines each. 

Soon they all got in super mood to do something crazy. They wanted her to walk almost naked through the garage to the elevator and up to the apartment. Then they worshipped and spanked her ass till it was red and she was screaming out of pure lust.

They all came on her face.



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Elizabeth Carson - Shooting after Shooting - Overview
Elizabeth Carson – Shooting after Shooting – Overview


Elizabeth knows how to play with men. Do you want to see the continuation of this adventure?  Check back later.

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