Young fashion model Elizabeth always liked elegant Chanel costumes and handbags and therefore she was glad to get a fashion shooting for an exclusive Swiss boutique. She got ready with a Chanel costume and handbag, jewelry, stockings and high heels. What confused her a bit was that there was no bra and string and she asked “What do you want me to wear under the costume?”. The answer was short: “Nothing”.

The Fashion Photos

“Let’s start next to the chaiselongue and window, Elizabeth” and she did a few poses and pictures were taken.

Elizabeth Carson Casting Chanel
Elizabeth Carson Casting Chanel

They wanted her to pose more extreme and Elizabeth noticed that her skirt went all the way up making her pierced pussy visible and she noticed the guys getting very excited.

Elizabeth Carson Casting Chanel

Then an older guy came in. She was surprised, looked to the left and could see him smiling and obviously enjoying her posing. Now she was alone with five men. They explained her that he would later work with her for more photos and also videos.

Elizabeth Carson Casting Chanel

“Elizabeth, sit on the bed and then we will tell you what is coming next” the boss of the crew said.

A guy filled a glass with champagne. “Elizabeth, thanks for your excellent posing. Our official shooting is over and now we all would like to have some fun like always after such a shooting. Let’s drink some chamapgne first. Is this ok with you?” She was quite confused and did not know what to answer and decided to just sit and listen.

Elizabeth Carson Casting Chanel

“We noticed your sexy pussy piercing and would like you to show it to us.” Elizabeth did not know what to say.

Elizabeth Carson Casting Chanel

Chanel Porn Casting

“Please spread your legs, Elizabeth.” She looked down and did what they wanted from her. Elizabeth was nervous. The fashion Chanel shooting seems to change to a porn casting, she was thinking.

“Drink more champagne and then lay on the bed. Hold yourself on the bed and look to the camera.”

“Now spread your legs wide and show us your pussy, Liz”. She closed her eyes and started to spread her legs but covered her pussy with one hand.

“You must lift your legs up, spread them as wide as you can and look to the cameras. We take now photos and videos. C’mon Elizabeth, drink another glass and then just do it. Let’s have fun!” She was like in shock but did exactly what they wanted from her. Elizabeth saw them all standing close to the bed and staring at her.

They took a lot more pictures and videos of her standing, bending down, laying and sitting on the bed. “Now, turn around, show your booty and look back.”    

“Sit next to the male model and have more champagne with him.”

Elizabeth Carson Casting Chanel

“On the table are some lines to get you in the right mood, Elizabeth. Take them.” She bent over and did it. “Have more champagne and then sit on him.” Elizabeth sat on him. He grabbed her booty and she looked back.

She saw that all guys had their cocks out already and were wanking like crazy. Elizabeth was now like in trance and started to ride his big hard cock. Then one after another thrusted his cock deep into her pussy and fucked her hard and long from behind.

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