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Young fashion model Elizabeth always liked the elegant Chanel costumes and handbags and therefore she decided to go to a “Chanel Casting”. What confused her a bit was the need to bring two photos, sitting on the bed, naked, wearing black high heels, one picture with legs spread wide and the other with one leg lifted high up. She did the pictures anyways and brought them with her.

The Fashion Photos

She was given a Chanel costume and handbag, jewelry, stockings and high heels and then she was told to pose next to the chaiselongue and window. They did not give her any underwear. She did a few poses and pictures were taken.

They wanted her to pose more extreme and Elizabeth noticed that her skirt went all the way up making her pierced pussy visible and she saw that they guys got very excited.

They explained her that a male model would later work with her. She looked to the left and could see him obviously enjoying her posing.

Then she was told to sit on the bed, they gave her a glass of champagne and asked her if she brought the two pictures. 

She showed them the two photos and they explained that they needed to see her titts and pussy. Elizabeth started to get nervous and wanted to know why. They liked her titts because of her big and erect nipples. The pussy piercing and her big pussy lips were exactly what they wanted.

They explained her that she would have to show especially her pussy a lot in the next pictures and video. Elizabeth did not know what to say but she agreed.

Chanel Pussy Action

They took a lot more pictures of her standing, bending down, laying and sitting on the bed. They made sure her pussy was always visible and Elizabeth noticed how all the men got excited about it, especially the other model. She could see the big bulges in their trousers.

She was told then to sit next to the male model and have a glass of champagne with him.

The casting guys had their cocks out already and were wanking like crazy when she was told to sit on him. He grabbed her ass and thrusted his big hard cock deep into her pussy.

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Elizabeth Carson Casting Chanel Ooverview
Elizabeth Carson Casting Chanel Ooverview


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Elizabeth Carson Casting Chanel HD
Elizabeth Carson Casting Chanel HD


Elizabeth got fucked hard and long by all the guys … and she got the job.

Will she do more castings like this one?


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