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ELIZABETH CARSON – Hotel Adventure

Elizabeth got booked for a shooting in Sardinia. She had only three shooting days and enjoyed the other four days a lot. She went to the beach, relaxed at the pool, enjoyed dinners and drinks, and had a lot of fun in the hotel disco and other places.

One late afternoon she was sitting in the lobby when two older guys asked if they could sit down next to her. She was surprised but agreed. They introduced themselves as business men from Switzerland.

The younger one told her that he is an amateur photographer and asked if he could show her some of his photos.

The Paparazzi Pictures

Elizabeth was very surprised to see pictures of her standing at the terrace of the hotel enjoying the view. “You looked so sexy in your jeans – I just had to take some pictures of you” he said. “I also took some of you at the beach. You are so hot. I could not resist”.

“Well, you seem to be quite a paparazzi. Oh, and there is a topless one, hmmm…”.

“I have more, from the beach and pool” the guy said.

“Oh my goodness! This is quite something. I don’t know what I should say…”

“I am a big fan of you. You are so incredibly sexy. I took even some candid shots at the restaurant, bar, disco and your balcony.”

When she saw these pics she was really surprised. 

“Don’t tell me you have more …” “Yes, I have one more. I got so horny when I saw you on the balcony in your dessous and stockings. I just had to take it.”

Now she was really shocked. This pic shows how she’s giving a blowjob. The guy came to her room after the disco and she put on special lingerie, stockings and high heels for him. Thank goodness the guy was not visible thanks to the darkness.

“I want to ask you if you could pose for me, so I can learn how to take good photos.”

“Are you kidding me? You want me to pose for you? Where? Here?” She started laughing.

“Yes, right here in the lobby.” Elizabeth got up and walked to the mirrored elevator where she did a few poses.

“Happy?” she asked the guy. “Yes! Can I ask you how much you want if you pose for us up in our suite? I want to take really hot pictures of you. Just for myself, of course.”

Now Elizabeth started thinking.

“Well, if you pay me 2000 € I will come up with you.” He said: “Ok., deal!” and Elizabeth smiled and got ready to go up with them.

The Paid and Private Shooting Pictures

They went up to the room and the guy suggested to start at the balcony. He asked Elizabeth to turn around and slowly take off her black dress.

Elizabeth wore no string so she was totally naked. They asked her to play with her pussy and masturbate for them showing her ass and then her front .

Then they wanted her to pose in the garden. She could see that they were already totally horny.

“Can you turn around and show us your booty again, Elizabeth?”

The older guy took his cock out and started to masturbate. Elizabeth had to smile and suggested to go inside so she could pose on the bed for them. “Make me a strong Vodka Lemon and I will give you what you want. I guess, you want to see my ass again, right?”

Elizabeth could see how now both of them were wanking their cocks like crazy. She turned around, lifted her legs and then spread them wide apart. She started again to masturbate but this time till she had an orgasm.

The guys were now totally addicted to Elizabeth. She asked if they wanted more. They could not answer.
She asked again: “Do you want me to suck your cocks? Do you want to fuck me hard and long in all positions?”

“Give me 1000 € each.” The money was given to her almost instantly.


Elizabeth Carson – Hotel Adventure Preview


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Some weeks later Elizabeth got an envelope with three photos and the following note.
“Could not take more pictures, sorry. You kept us too excited. Please call me to arrange another meeting.”



She smiled and dialed the number.


What adventures will Elizabeth share with you next?  Check back later.

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