FRANCESCA FELUCCI – She was young and needed the money

Young Francesca needed money and accepted a well paid job offer. She should act as a hooker on the street and in the apartment. Francesca knew this would not be so easy when she got dressed in a black mini skirt, black overknees and jacket and some pink “accesories”.

Francesca thought she would only have to pose and was surprised when the guy offered her more money if she would do more. She needed the money and said “Yes!”

In the apartment he gave her even more money if she would play with his cock and more. She took it and said “OK.”

He laid down on the bed and asked he to take his cock out.

The guy told her to massage his cock and then suck him.

He pushed his big one deep in her and fucked her mouth before he started to lick her pussy and fuck her hard doggystyle.

He could not get enough, grabbed her by the hair and continued to fuck her hard from behind. After this he wanted her to ride him.

Francesca started to like it. She enjoyed riding on him.

He wanted her to give him another blowjob before he fucked here again doggystyle. Then he offered her more money while he kept fucking her. He wanted to cum on her face. Francesca could not resist to get more money and agreed again.

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Francesca Felucci – She was young and needed the money – Overview

Will Francesca do even more for money? Check back later to find out!

With friendly permission of Francesca Felucci