ELIZABETH CARSON – Sexy Assistant – Part II – 68 PHOTOS

Elizabeth was a little shocked after her first adventure as “Sexy Assistant”. She had to show her ass to the guys so they could masturbate while enjoying her sexy booty. She was therefore glad when they gave her a roomservice outfit to put on and told her to serve Prosecco to the guys in the hotel room.

The Roomservice Woman

She felt good in this outfit and brought the Prosecco.

She felt like a real roomservice woman and she was ready to serve the first two glasses.

Next she was told to stand straight next to the bed. 
They told her to open the top and show her titts what she sort of expected.

She was proud of her titts and enjoyed their staring. It really turned her on.

Then they told her to lean on the bed and show her booty.

She had to turn and lift her legs and show her heels.

They wanted to see her booty again so she had turn around.

At the end they wanted her to spread her legs wide and masturbate for them. They told her to take off her outfit.
They stared at her body and took out their cocks and started to masturbate in front of her.

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Elizabeth Carson Sexy Assistant 2 Overview

Elizabeth Carson Sexy Assistant 2 Overview

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What will happen in part 3?  Elizabeth will act as a “Wild Chick”.

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