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ELIZABETH CARSON – Sexy Assistant – Part I

Elizabeth got hired as an assistant. She was told to bring some sexy lingerie and high heels because this was not a normal assistant job, no, it was a very special one.

The Rhinestones String

She was asked to put on a nice string and to wear just her jacket and some high heels.

She felt a bit uncomfortable because of wearing just a string and the jacket. Her titts could be easily seen like this.

Next she was told to take her jacket off and turn around.


They wanted her to bend down and show her sexy booty to them and she enjoyed showing it.


She had to go all the way down and show them her ass for a long time and then turn around and look at them staring at her titts and erect nipples.


Then they told her to go in the doggystyle position on the beige stool and show her ass again so they could masturbate. Elizabet got shocked a little but she did what they wanted from her. 


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Elizabeth Carson Sexy Assistant 1 Overview
Elizabeth Carson Sexy Assistant 1 Overview


What will happen in part 2?  Elizabeth will act as a “Roomservice Lady“.

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