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ELIZABETH CARSON – Casting Bikini Pink

All Elizabeth had to do after the first part of the casting is take off the black bikini and put on the pink one. It was also a “Wicked Weasel”, very tiny and very sexy.

The Pink Bikini Posing

First she had to oil her body again of course showing her sexy booty to them.

They wanted also to see how she masturbated from front and back

Then she put on another pink bikini, changed her hair style and put on another pair of sunglasses. They gave her a glass of Curacao Blue and told her to show her booty to the guy.


The Pink Bikini Hardcore

“Elizabeth, you have to take care of him. Bend down and check if his cock is already hard!”

“It looks like he’s not hard yet, so give him a nice blowjob, Elizabeth!”

“And now we want him to fuck you hard and long doggystyle!


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Elizabeth Carson Casting Bikini Pink HD
Elizabeth Carson Casting Bikini Pink HD


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What kind of casting will come next with Elizabeth?


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