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VIP Party

Elizabeth Carson invited her VIP members to her first VIP party. She organized a great Spanish tapas buffet, Spanish sparkling wine, and most of all, she let her VIP members decide what she should wear and what will happen during the party.
This adventure is based on a real story

Everything is ready, even a security guy is here, in case a member gets too crazy. Elizabeth greets her party guests dancing in a ultra short metal J.P. Gaultier dress.

The music is on and she’s enjoying to show her body dancing. The first member is already on the bed watching her sexy movements.

Her members have many wishes and most of them get fulfilled. The next outfit e.g. is an easy thing. A silver open breast corset, stockings, high heels and a shiny string, which she has to move to the side so everybody can see her big pussy lips.

What are the wishes of her VIP members?

  • First she has to dance for them in a special latex outfit, with openings for her hard nipples. She also has to show her booty (see above).
  • One guy wants her to give him a blowjob in front of everybody wearing just a mask, neck- and armlaces with Swarovski and high heels (see below).
  • Another member wants her to lapdance on him and make his cock really hard by also talking very nasty and dirty to him (see below).
  • The tallest one who also has the biggest cock of all wants her to massage him first in front of everybody (see below).
  • Another member is a bit shy and wants to have a private intense doggystyle session in the seperate bedroom with open door so the other guest can hear Elizabeth moan, groan and scream. She has to wear a red latex body and black overkneeboots (see below).
  • A blowjob fan wants her to use a leather band on his cock and balls while licking and sucking him long and intensely.
  • Two members want to have a threesome with her in latex and everybody should watch how they fuck her brains out.
  • One guy wants to just masturbate and cum on her booty and another one wants to cum on her face.
  • Most members want her to give them blowjobs first while having drinks.
  • Another member wants to have a competition who can fuck her the hardest and the winner will give it to her anal and cum in her mouth and on her face.

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Elizabeth makes all their wishes cum true. It is a hell of a hot party!

Enjoy below Francesca’s VIP Party!

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