Offroad Elizabeth Carson

Young fashion model Elizabeth Carson is booked for shootings with offroad cars from BMW and Nissan.
The Offroad Elizabeth Carson adventure is based on a real story.

First some photos are made with the silver BMW and Elizabeth is wearing a black leather outfit and overknees boots. They put a big steel chain around Elizabeth’ hips and between her legs.

The crew is fascinated by her booty and they want her to bend down all the way. Elizabeth sees the excitement in the men’s eyes when she looks back at them.

Now it’s time for the black Nissan and Elizabeth has to put on a silver outfit and clear high heels.

They want her to take the skirt off for some detail photos. Of course again mostly of her booty.

Offroad Hardcore

She puts the mini skirt back on and they want her to take the string off. Elizabeth wonders a bit about that but then she poses at the open door. All of a sudden she feels one of the guys coming from the back removing her top and putting his hands on her breast and playing with her hard nipple. She realizes too late that he has his pants and underpants down and is rubbing his hard cock on her booty. He manages to get his big one in her pussy and starts fucking her hard.

He pushes her head down and fucks her even harder.

Then another guy is continuing to give it to her. He is totally naked and much stronger and she has to scream out of pain and lust. He really fucks her hard first from behind …

… and then in the missionary position in the trunk. He enjoys looking at her face while he’s pounding her deep and long.

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How about another adventure with Elizabeth in a silver outfit?

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