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PhantASSy Elizabeth

Elizabeth Carson is known for her sexy ass and that’s why she often gets contacted by men telling her their phantASSy. Some of these guys are also members of the Booty Lovers Club – no surprise, isn’t it?
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Men keep telling her how much they’d love to fuck her anal because her ass drives them crazy. Elizabeth has a special opinion about anal sex. Her ass is very tight and if a guy has a big cock this will of course hurt her. She likes much more when her ass gets licked while she’s rubbing her clit and she wants the guy to wank his cock at the same time.

Sometimes she lets a guy fuck her in the ass but this is very seldom and you must be extremely lucky to get this chance. You can see this in one of the videos of “My First Porn”.

She shows her booty and tells him to give it to her anal. He does not wait.

Well, she screams out loud when he puts his medium sized cock in her ass and starts pounding her.

When guys see her booty photos and videos and especially scenes likes this they also want to give it to her anal and they write their phantasy down and send it to her. Enjoy below another booty adventure!

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